Wednesday Evening Chapter by Chapter Study of the Bible

Bible Studies

November 30th 2022

The Genealogy of King Jesus

November 23rd 2022

In Everything Give Thanks (Psalm 100)

November 16th 2022

The Threat of Civil War / Joshua's Farewell Address

November 2nd 2022

Fight The Hard Battles Now / Conquest of Canaan Unfinished

October 19th 2022

Then The Land Rested From War

October 12th 2022

The Sun Stands Still / Treaty With The Gibeonites

October 5th 2022

Overcoming Discouragement / Getting Back on Track

September 28th 2022

Battle of Jericho / The Sin of Achan

September 21st 2022

The Commander of the LORD's Army

September 7th 2022

Israel Crosses The Jordan

August 31st 2022

Rahab Hides The Spies / The Scarlet Cord

August 24th 2022

Faith With Follow-Through / God’s Commission to Joshua

July 7th 2022

Overview of The Book of Deuteronomy

June 22nd 2022

Lawful Oaths and Vows

June 15th 2022

The Jewish Feast Days

June 8th 2022

2nd Census / Casting Lots / Moses passes leadership to Joshua

June 1st 2022

Israel’s Harlotry in Moab / The Javelin & Zeal of Phinehas

May 25th 2022

The Story of Balaam

May 18th 2022

Warfare & The Bronze Serpent

May 11th 2022

Moses Strikes The Rock / Death of Aaron & Miriam

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